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i finally understand numbers, thanks

Deaen responds:

you are the GOAT dude

Fun game! Love the music and painty feel to it, straight out of Yoshi's island! Getting quick combos is very fun, but the moving around can get confusing when things get stressy.

Would it be possible to add controls so that if you press one of the direction keys, the player will move to the side pressed in the shortest distance? So if you're on the right side, and press W and A, it'll circle to the northwest side.

Other than that I really enjoy this, just need to practice some more. Great work!!

EDIT: KIWIMAN I LOVE KIWIMAN thanks this game is so fun

Yo this is super fun! Feels really rewarding once you get in a flow. Great soundtrack and graphics too!

The lambs feel like they have too much HP. I almost always lose lives when trying to get them, since you gotta focus purely on the lamb and nothing else. Often losing the perfect score which usually rewards you with a life and 5000 points anyway. It could be nice if killing it would cause an explosion clearing the stage of all enemies, or at least just lowering its HP.

I often get dropkicked by the crows, since they fall in random locations, an indicator at the top of the screen would be very helpful. And having some knockback on them could be nice too. I haven't figured out a nice way to kill them other than just running side to side shooting backwards.

A final minor thing is that it'd be nice to have some coyote time when pressing jump, like it'd still jump once you land if you've pressed the jump button a few frames before. The last sidescrolling levels are really tough! I wish you had a bit more air control, it's very hard to make the jumps while getting swarmed

Amazing work all of you! Gotta try to win the game!!

EDIT2: dang the boss has a lot of health! like way too much in my opinion, I'd lower it and make the boss sort of a reward for getting that far

ProsciuttoMan responds:

Paytonio beat it several times to make sure it was possible, and I beat it a couple times to double-check. There is a final boss fight afterwards.

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played slots once, I'll never own a 99 corolla :(

Utah more like utha best at the thing yeah

maxxjamez responds:


very good

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Wowza, been a long time since I visited this place

Very nice

sinnykitt responds:

Thank you!!

That's a greature creature


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